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Madern is a multifaceted company with precision and superior craftsmanship at its core. The family owned Dutch company originated as an engraving specialist. After being founded in 1954, Madern experienced extensive growth as a toolmaking company. That growth was mainly due to increasing national and international customer demand from a wide range of industries.

Madern developed its core competency in the manufacturing of high-end web-fed rotary die tooling for the paperboard converting industry with the liquid, tobacco and general folding packages as main markets. The rotary tooling is highly appreciated for its innovations and high performance with an excellent cost of ownership. Madern also provides rotary converting solutions for bakeries used in the production of dough products and pet food.

Besides tooling Madern develops and produces state of the art rotary die converting systems for a wide range of web widths and with short job change times. Also precision parts are made for high-end industry.

One of Madern’s ambitions is to expand their rotary converting technology and knowledge to new markets. Driven by the expected grow for bi-polar plates in fuel cells and electrolysers Madern is exploring these markets and is performing research and development for this metal sheet application.


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